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Acupressure Foot Points: the benefits of acupressure massage

The skin of the human body has areas with abundant biologically active points and reflex zones. Here the zones are densely arranged on a small area of the skin. The soles of feet are considered by Traditional Chinese Medicine to be an "energetic junction" of our bodies’ connections. It is the feet that bring the body's organs and systems into contact with the external environment, but outdoor shoes, home socks, and slippers prevent this ancient interconnection.

The human foot contains over 70,000 nerve endings that are linked to different organs, areas of the body, and bodily systems. It's no coincidence that we say "to get someone on their feet" when talking about a person's recovery, and physicians recommend more walking to improve well-being and support a healthier lifestyle. As soon as we get out of bed in the morning, the soles of the feet send signals to all body parts to start functioning. If you get up in the morning and stand on an acupressure massage mat rather than just on the floor, the start to your day will be even more invigorating and energetic.

Acupressure foot points massage

Foot reflexology zones

Next zone

Toe pads

The pads on four toes (except the big toe) are associated with the maxillary sinuses and frontal lobes of the brain. So, it's very easy to get a runny nose as a consequence of chilly feet.

Big toe pads

Big toe pads are associated with the head: there are areas of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, cerebellum, brainstem, and other parts of the brain.

Joints of the 2nd and 3rd toes

The zone for the eyes is located on the joints of the 2nd and 3rd toes

Joints of the 4th and 5th toes

The joints of the 4th and 5th toes are linked with the ears

Ball of the foot

The ball of the foot transmits signals to the lungs

Section next to the big toe

The section just next to the big toe transmits signals to the thyroid gland

Foot arch

The arch of the foot contains nerve endings interconnected with the organs of the digestive system, kidneys, ureter, and spleen. The state of these organs has no relation to a person's physical activity, which is why they are located in an area that comes into minimal contact with the ground while walking.

Foot heels

The heels of women contain zones relating to the female reproductive organs; men's heels contain zones relating to the prostate gland and testicles. The heels also contain projections of the anus, bladder, and urethra.

How to use the Pranamat ECO massage mat for reflexology purposes?

Traditional wisdom dictates that daily massage of the acupressure zones on the soles of the feet is necessary to prevent and cure illness. Doing this manually is both time-consuming and unaffordable to most people.

Pranamat ECO massage mats help to combine massage with stress reduction, and to stimulate all the foot's biologically active zones at once. The arrangement of the massage "lotuses" allows them to capture the entire surface of the sole. Standing on the mat ensures that none of the most important zones are missed by the massage.

Pranamat ECO massage
A brief morning standing ritual – for example a yoga mountain pose – on the mat will make your body feel energized, motivating your morning and the rest of your day.
You can put the mat on the bathroom floor to combine morning and evening tooth brushing with a useful massage.
Beginners can place the mat by the sofa to give a light massage to the soles of the feet while watching movies or TV shows.
A few minutes on the mat in the evening can help you if you work on your feet all day long. Regain mobility and relieve fatigue in your legs.
You can step on the rigid sharp points at any time of the day to feel a boost of energy, strengthen the improve blood circulation to the feet in the long-term, and improve immediate blood flow within twenty minutes.
Many people report that standing or walking on Pranamat ECO helps them start generating ideas and solving complex problems.
Pranamat ECO brings this ancient wisdom together with 21st century science. All the benefits have been clinically proven. So, use acupressure daily for at least 20 minutes to mirror the clinical conditions and get maximum benefits. This procedure will quickly become a much-loved ritual and an essential part of your wellness lifestyle.