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Irresistibly beautiful, amazingly effective

Happy Back

Improve the health of your upper and lower back and forget about pain.

97% of customers confirm their back tension subsided after 15 minutes of regular use.*

Happy Back
Happy Back

Clear Head

Feel less tension in your neck and shoulders and less headache.

80% of respondents felt that the headache eased or completely disappeared after 15 minutes of regular use. *

Clear Head
Clear Head

Sound Sleep

Fall asleep faster, enjoy a deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed.

95% of respondents confirm better quality of sleep after 15 minutes of regular use. *

Sound Sleep
Sound Sleep

Toned Skin

Improve the smoothness and firmness of skin on thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

97% of customers confirm the effectiveness of the product and believe that regular massage significantly improved their health, well-being and skin appearance.

Toned Skin
Toned Skin

Sound Sleep

Fall asleep faster, enjoy a deeper sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

97% of customers say they feel more energetic after 15 minutes of regular use *.

Sound Sleep
Sound Sleep

* Results of Pranamat® ECO clinical trials
** Opinion of Pranamat® ECO customers


Beate Drebeinika
Oct 07, 2020
Love it till the last piece.
Helps a lot for blood circulation, back and neck pains. Helps me to wake up in the mornings, I’m enjoying it , feeling peaceful and relaxed when using it. Took some time to get used to it but It’s definitely worth the price. Thank you Pranamat ECO.?♥️
Amy June
May 21, 2021
From someone who suffers from chronic pain daily my Pranamat has helped me escape! at first it was too painful to lay on but i kept trying and you do get use to it! I found wearing a comfort bra and underwear on helps alot! Pranamat takes all the tension away, rocking your head from side to side feels incredible! The warm feeling you get relaxes me so much ? it is now part of my routine and I couldn't live without it ?

How Does Pranamat® Work?

10,000+ Pointed Spines

Increased blood and lymph flow from the very first minute of use.

Improvement of Microcirculation

Your skin and muscles receive more oxygen, so that every single cell in your body benefits.

Holistic Healing

Improved metabolism and oxygenation fights inflammation and stimulates the body's natural healing processes.

Clinically Proven Effectiveness

60 People in Trial

Participants in the treatment and control groups were of similar age and had similar body weight indices.


Cytokines, blood flow, endorphins and oxytocin, as well as the condition of the muscles were measured before and after using Pranamat® ECO.

Pranamat ECO Benefits

Pranamat® ECO relieves muscle tension, improves microcirculation, facilitates oxygenation of tissues, stimulates a healthy metabolism, relieves pain, regulates sleep, and makes you feel happier and more energetic.

Short and Long Term Effects

Studies have shown that even a single 20-minute use of Pranamat® ECO is beneficial, while regular use provides excellent results.