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Pain, migraine, headaches – treatment with acupressure points massage

When you have a splitting headache, you can’t work or rest. You just want to get back to a normal healthy state. So, what do you do if you don’t feel like taking a pill every time you have a headache, but you need a clear head? The solution is right in front of you.

Acupressure can help you. It is a form of reflexotherapy, an ancient art of pain relief based on the science of acupuncture, which came to us from traditional Chinese medicine. It helps get rid of the most unpleasant ailments, including headaches. The main point of the technique lies in the belief that influencing specific biologically active points of the body associated with the desired organ makes it possible to alleviate and even get rid of pain and disharmony completely. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure is available to everyone, has a minimal number of contraindications, and can be performed at home on yourself (no need for a professional therapist).

Acupressure points massage
zones for reflexotherapy

Many of the zones for reflexotherapy are located on the head and neck. A few minutes of daily massage of these areas will help not only prevent and heal headaches but also improve posture, removing strain from the muscles in the back and the upper spine. You can expect to improve your general well-being, and therefore your physical appearance. Regular acupressure improves circulation in the neck and head, eliminates spasms, normalizes blood pressure, and promotes the renewal of the nerve endings. We know that an imbalance of the muscles neck is directly related to scoliosis. The junction of the four main arteries that supply the brain with nutrients and oxygen, is located at the base of the skull.

It may be surprising, but the effectiveness of ancient Chinese massage is confirmed by scientific research. For example, scientists from Boulder (Colorado, USA) conducted acupressure sessions for four people suffering from chronic headaches three times a week for six months. As a result, six months later, the number of attacks decreased by 71% and their duration — by almost 50%.

Furthermore, researchers in Finland performed hour-long massages to treat headaches in 21 women for 14 days. All participants in the experiment noted a decrease and a weakening of headache attacks.

Chinese massage

How to do your own acupressure session?


For a massage session, you need to find a quiet place not to be distracted. To create a relaxing atmosphere, you can dim the lights and turn on soothing music. Assume a comfortable position, breathe evenly and deeply.


To stimulate pain points, use the thumb and forefinger of the hand and special massage devices with hard, but not sharp spikes. Different zones require different types of pressure. If it says "press", apply strong and confident pressure to the selected area to feel the shape of the muscles through the skin. There should be no severe pain or discomfort. The points can also be easily massaged, affected by vibration, or stroked in a circular motion.


If you have identified the acupressure points correctly, they should respond with light but clear signals. You can massage yourself or ask your relatives for help.

It is recommended to perform massage daily. Even if you do not feel pain right now, you can prevent it.

Which points should be massaged to manage headaches?

The Third Eye point

"The Third Eye"

This point is located on the nasal bridge at an equal distance from both eyebrows and is responsible for eyestrain and sinus pressure. It can be massaged in a circular motion or pressed for 60 seconds.

"The Gates of Consciousness"

This is a pair of points on the back of the neck, located at the skull base. You can find them very simply — they look like indentations on either side of the spine between the vertical muscles of the neck that support the head. You can massage them not only with your fingers but also with a massage pillow, on which you can lie down and relax. Massage of "the Gates of Consciousness" relieves muscle pain, tension headaches are weakened, and it even prevents migraine attacks, which can occur suddenly and are provoked by various triggers.

The Gates of Consciousness points
Shoulder points massage

Shoulder points

Draw an imaginary line from the base of the neck to the shoulder socket, and in the middle, you will find the area you are looking for. You need to press on them with your middle and index fingers. Another option is to use a massage pillow on which you lie down with your head and the upper part of the shoulder area. Massage of this area provides relief if your muscles are too tense. The procedure should be carried out alternately on both sides.

"Holes in Bamboo"

Chinese doctors call the inner ends of the eyebrows at the meeting point of the superciliary arch and the nasal bridge “holes in bamboo”. You need to press on them simultaneously for 10 seconds and make light circular movements. This massage can help against eye fatigue.

Holes in Bamboo points
Connecting Valley point

"Connecting Valley"

This is a point between the thumb and forefinger located on the skin fold. It should be firmly squeezed with two fingers of the other hand for 10 seconds to alleviate the discomfort during a headache. You need to press hard enough, but not excessively hard. The procedure should be carried out alternately on both hands.

Effective acupressure device

If you do not have a personal massage therapist and relatives or friends are not prepared to give you a massage every day, a modern acupressure massage device like Pranamat ECO mat and pillow will be your salvation from headaches.

The Pranamat ECO massage device acts simultaneously on many biologically active points with its rigid lotus spikes. The distance between the spikes has been calculated to make the massage effective and safe. Natural materials and hypoallergenic plastic spikes allow the massage device to alleviate and prevent headaches whilst being kind to the environment and to your body.

Pranamat ECO can be used to relieve pain at home, at work, while travelling — pillows and compact mats weigh little so that they can be taken with you on the road.

Acupressure is safe and can be successfully combined with other therapies. When a person is not advised to take medication, it can be the only way to relieve discomfort in the body.

Pranamat massage mat

*Please consult your doctor before using if you have a complex diagnosis and consult this list of contraindications.