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Acupressure Points For Lower Back Pain

Acupressure is known as a Chinese medicine treatment technique that has been used for thousands of years. This approach has long been proven effective for pain relief since back discomfort is a prevalent complaint in today's environment. When used on a daily basis, the stimulation of the pressure points for lower back pain can significantly relieve that discomfort. It is a powerful self-care method that can increase blood circulation, help with muscle tension, and calm your body and mind. By reading this article, you can learn where to locate these points and how to massage them throughout the day safely.

Acupressure Points For Lower Back Pain

Can Acupressure Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain acupressure

Yes, it definitely can. Acupressure points for lower back pain is a fairly effective self-healing method. When pressure is applied to a certain acupoint, a stream of impulses arises that trigger a secondary reflex reaction. This reaction can change the tone of muscles and blood vessels, and improve tissue nutrition which positively affects the autonomic nervous system primarily.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that acupressure stimulates the body to produce natural steroids that reduce inflammation. With back pain, acupressure allows you to relax tense muscles, improve the nutrition of the intervertebral discs, reduce pain, and increase the mobility of the spine. These points also contribute to the production of hormones of happiness, which reduce pain. Thus, reflexology helps prevent major surgery or medical preparations. After all, it is no secret that medicines can have side effects.

What Conditions Can It Be Used For

Acupressure oriental massage is effective for various diseases and conditions of the human body:
  • Diseases that are accompanied by pain syndrome (neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, plexitis, arthrosis, arthritis, migraine, tension headaches).
  • Spastic paresis and paralysis, cerebral palsy, muscle contractures.
  • Hernia of the lumbar spine.
  • Posture disorders, scoliosis, kyphosis and other types of curvature of the spine.

Most Effective Pressure Points For Lower Back Pain

Biologically active points are the most minor areas of the skin of the human body that can be used for various effects in order to normalise the functional state of human organs and systems. At the location of the points, there is a significant amount of connective tissue, numerous nerve branches and their branches in the dermis, subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles and tendons, and skin receptors. There are more than 50 biologically active points on the human body. That is why below, we will consider points for self-acupressure for lower back pain, which allows you to quickly eliminate pain, and restore blood circulation and circulation of vital energy.



CV6, or as others may call it “Sea of Energy”, must be stimulated in order to get rid of discomfort and pain in the back, shoulders, hips and lower back. To locate this point, take three fingers and direct them under the navel. Then you will find a solid area, which will be the point of the Sea of ​​Energy. To work out point CV6, you need:

  1. Press on it with a little force.
  2. Do not release and press for 60 seconds.
  3. Repeat the exercise after 10 minutes.


B23 (Kidney Shu), is a biologically active point in the lower back. The impact on this acupoint reduces the overstrain of muscle tissue and makes it possible to get rid of the pain for a long time. You can find point B23 in the area between the chest and the pelvic bone.

To stimulate a point, follow this algorithm:

  1. Lie on your stomach and press on the point for 60 seconds.
  2. Take a deep breath and increase the pressure.
  3. Stop pressing a point to relieve lower back pain if you feel substantial discomfort.
  4. Repeat after 15 minutes.


Point B47 is located near the bladder on the right side in the middle of the back and also affects the sensations in the back. In some materials, you can find this point with the name B52. The pressure on B47 helps to eliminate the tension of the lower back muscles, relieve neck and shoulder pain as well as ease nausea and vomiting.

To stimulate this point, you need to:

  1. Take a comfortable position while lying on your stomach and press on the point for 60-90 seconds.
  2. Take a few deep breaths.
  3. As the point is difficult to reach on your own, ask for assistance to make sure you work on the proper acupoint.


GV4 can be found at the waistline, between the vertebrae. In Chinese medicine, this acupressure point for low back pain is considered the most effective for pain and discomfort relief. The point is also used to throw off knee weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and shoulder pain.

To act on a point, do the following:

  1. Lie down at the massage mats on your stomach and breathe deeply. Exhale slowly.
  2. Press the dot and hold for about 60-120 seconds.
  3. Do not press on the acupoint longer than 2 minutes to avoid bruising.


Bladder point 60 can be found on the foot. You can use this point if you suffer from sciatica pain, osteochondrosis and pain in the feet. This foot acupressure point for lower back pain is also recommended for those who suffer from frequent vomiting and high blood pressure. The bladder point is located between the bone of the outer ankle and the Achilles tendon.

Follow this algorithm to get rid of back pain:

  1. Press your thumb on the desired spot and hold for 30 seconds.
  2. Perform the same action on the other leg and repeat 4 times.

LV 3

The acupoint is easy to reach as it is in the upper part of the foot. Chinese acupressure practitioners know this spot as the Middle Crook. It is situated 1.5 inches above the second toe. It does not matter which leg you choose for the massage, they will be equally effective. Besides lower back pain, it is a great spot for reducing the headaches, migraines and tension of the neck muscles.

To influence a point, one should:

  1. Place the index and middle fingers of the hand on the point LV3 in the upper part of the foot between the 1st and 2nd fingers.
  2. Massage should be performed for 1 minute with rubbing movements.


B54 is one of the points that are not very easy to stimulate on your own as it is located behind the knees, on the back side under the kneecap. Its stimulation will relax the muscles and relieve pain in the hips and lower back. Impact on this point will also help improve your well-being, reduce leg pain, and increase resistance to stress, and endurance.

To act on a point, do this:

  1. Lie on your stomach and press on the point not less than for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Breathe deeply as pressure is applied to the point.


LI 4 is a point on the side of the palm between the thumb and forefinger. To find the point, bring your fingers together and feel for a small bump. The acupressure point for lower back pain makes it possible to soothe the upper back pain, neck hypertonicity, and facial muscle tension. You can also use this point in case of chronic tiredness and stress.

To work through this point, do the following:

  1. Place your thumb on the point of any hand.
  2. Press for about 5 seconds, then stop for 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat 2 or 3 times to relieve tension and pain.


Point GB34 is located on the crease behind the knee, right in the center, directly behind the knee cap. The stimulation of GB34 helps relieve leg spasms, lower back muscle tension, toe numbness, etc.

To easily get rid of any type of leg pain, follow these steps:

  1. Sit down on a soft surface (sofa, bed, massage mat) or lie down.
  2. Use the tip of your finger or a tennis ball to massage the acupoint.
  3. Breathe deeply as pressure on a point for lower back pain is applied for 2-3 minutes.


UB40 is a knee point that is also known as Control Vessel 4. This point helps relieve pain along the spine. It is helpful for relieving muscle spasms and eliminating discomfort associated with sciatic nerve involvement, which stems from the low back. To relieve your back from non-stop pain, take these steps:

  1. Apple light pressure on the point for a minute, and then release.
  2. Repeat the action in a minute 3 times.
  3. The massage must be performed for at least one week for overall well-being.

How To Stimulate Acupressure Points For Lower Back Pain Relief

Acupressure is designed to stimulate the flow of energy in the body and relieve back pain. But how to influence the points correctly? Read the rules of pressure points for lower back pain below.
  • Choose A Calm Place

    Noise has a strong physical effect on our brains, causing levels of stress hormones to rise. Noise has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, tinnitus, and sleep loss. Excessive noise can become a serious irritant to the physical senses. Today, more and more people position themselves as very sensitive and unable to function in a chaotic and noisy environment. That is why it is important that the place for acupressure is quiet and without noise.

    Lower back pain foot pressure points are a great solution for those who suffer from chronic pains and back discomfort. Finding a quiet convenient room for a 5-minute massage is the least you can do for your well-being.

  • Apply Gentle, Firm Pressure To Each Point

    The essence of the method under consideration is the impact on acupuncture points with pressure and massaging movements. Pressure points for lower back pain are carried out with the tips of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers.

    The strong method implies firm pressure on the area of ​​the acupuncture point with rotational movements. Intended sensations are expressed. The exposure time is 4-5 minutes at each point.

    The medium method implies pressing on a point in circular movements until moderate sensations are obtained. The duration of the massage is 2-3 minutes at each point. The middle version, as studies have shown, has a muscle relaxant effect and is most often used for patients with spasticity.

    The number of points responsible for lower back pain relief is more than 10, and with a certain skill and tools, you can massage 2-6 acupuncture points at the same time. To achieve muscle relaxation, the points of the terminal phalanges, mainly of the upper limbs, are also used. The massage technique differs from that described above: the terminal phalanx of one of the fingers is taken between fingers I and II, and then it is slightly rotated (rolled) along the longitudinal axis, squeezing between fingers I and II.

  • Use The Rounded End Of A Cane, Or A Tennis Ball To Reach Certain Points

    Reaching a few biologically active points by hand can be difficult. That is why you can use special equipment. You can use rounded canes or a tennis ball. Using these items, you can effectively work out the main muscle groups and feet. Its smooth surface allows you to do this without discomfort - compared, for example, with massage balls. Some points may be difficult to simulate even with the additional tools. In that case, you can ask for assistance or visit the acupressure practitioner.

Self Acupressure For Lower Back Pain Is Easy With Pranamat Eco

Pressure points for lower back pain help to cope with fatigue and relax after a busy day. They also help to reduce pain if you suffer from osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine. But not everyone has the time and opportunity to visit specialists, so you can do self-massage at home. To do this, you need to use special equipment made by Pranamat Eco, which will allow you to accurately and deeply work out each point and get rid of back pain instantaneously.

Pranamat Eco is famous for its massage sets that are made of eco-friendly materials, and are easy to utilise. Moreover, if you are a beginner and have never used massage as a treatment before, the massage kit will be of great use to you. It consists of an acupressure mat and a pillow that both have lotus-shaped spikes. With its advanced design, it can help reduce muscle stiffness and tension, improve blood flow and thus, make overall recovery even more effective. Self-acupressure is a simple and effective method that is guaranteed to bring the desired result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can. This is ensured due to the deep study of active points and the effect on the soft tissues of the back.

The most effective points are CV 6, B23, B47, GV4, B60, LV 3, B54, LI4, GB34, UB40.

To properly stimulate the acupressure points for lower back pain, choose a quiet place, adjust the applied pressure and be sure to use special Pranamat Eco equipment to improve the result.