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Acupressure mats: when they help and how to use

There are thousands of reflex points on the human body, which are in mutual energetic connection with the organs and systems of the body. The advantages of stimulation of biologically active points and the effects of acupressure on various organs have been known since ancient China. Now acupressure is practiced by many people around the world.

But it is not necessary to consult a doctor to carry out the point massage and get all the benefits. Acupressure mats are available to everyone in need: they provide invigorating massage, help release tension from the muscles, and relieve joint pain.

Acupressure mats

The history of the invention

Ivan Kuznetsov invented the first acupressure mat in 1979. He studied the principles of Chinese medicine, as the Chinese have been practicing acupressure for thousands of years to get rid of a wide variety of afflictions. He took the principles of acupuncture and modified it technically by attaching numerous steel sewing needles to a piece of foam. It turned out to be a kind of bed of nails and his acupuncture tool quickly improved his mood and well-being.
Modern mats have safe plastic spikes that do not harm the body and do not break the protective skin barrier. Their use does not require medical education or the help of other people.
Ivan Kuznetsov

Do mats, pillows, and other acupressure massage devices really work?

Studies have shown that they are beneficial for health and have a healing effect on the human body:
During the pandemic, massage mats were shown to be an effective treatment for the stress and anxiety that people experienced whilst being in isolation. Studies from 1997-2014 showed that acupressure can instantly relieve anxiety symptoms and is effective in healing depression and stress.
With the help of acupressure, you can naturally relieve pain, without pills or nasty side effects. A positive result was noted for various types of pain, including headaches, toothache, and back pain. A systematic review of medical research from 1996 to 2011 has shown that acupressure is effective.
Using a mat can reduce even chronic daily pain that many people suffer from. In 2012, scientists studied 82 patients with chronic neck and lower back pain, offering them to use massage with plastic spikes for 14 weeks. The result showed a marked reduction in pain.
You can also use a mat to improve your mood. Doctors note that acupressure leads to the release of endorphins, which reduce pain by blocking pain signals and causing a feeling of euphoria.
A mat and pillow with spikes will help if you have insomnia. A 2015 study found that point massage significantly improved sleep in women during the menopausal period.
You can also relieve migraines with a mat. Doctors compared point exposure with muscle relaxants and found that the former is much more effective in preventing migraine attacks. Endorphins come to the rescue again, helping cope with migraines.

Types and advantages of different massage mats

There are many different tools for point massage. They differ in size, shape, sharpness of the spikes, the presence of inserts, softer or harder filler, as well as the materials from which they are made.
Pranamat compact acupressure mat
Compact acupressure mats are suitable for local impact on biologically active points on the skin of various parts of the body: arms, legs, lower back, neck, head, back, etc.
Pranamat medium-length mat
A medium-length mat will help massage large areas of the body: back, buttocks, and legs. You can lie on it daily for 15-30 minutes to relax after a long stressful day or relieve pain in the lower back. It can be laid in a chair and enjoyed some massage without interrupting your daily routine.
Pranamat acupressure pillow
An acupressure pillow will help with insomnia, pinching and straining of the muscles of the neck-collar zone and the lumbar region.
Pranamat long mats and sets
Long mats and sets of massage devices make it possible to work with the entire body surface, influencing many biologically active points in one session.

How to use acupressure mats

To achieve the best results, lie down on a needle mat with bare skin, covering yourself with a blanket. For beginners, it is better to protect yourself from the hard needles with light clothes: a shirt or a T-shirt. The initial discomfort will pass as the body adjusts to the feelings. To speed up this process, breathe deeply and relax your muscles.
Pranamat back massage


If this is your first time doing a massage, start from the back. There are a large number of biologically active zones on the back. Lay a mat on your bed or sofa and slowly lie back on it. Support your head with a special massage pillow or any other pillow during the procedure. You can lay the massage device on the floor and press your knees to your chest to enhance the feelings.

Neck area

To soothe tension in the neck and relieve headaches, buy a needle pillow. Lie horizontally, put a pillow under your neck and back of your head, and relax. The pillow should touch the shoulders. This ensures that the applicators work in the right areas.

Pranamat neck area massage
Pranamat abdomen massage


Point massage of the stomach will help improve digestion, rid cellulite, and relax. Lie down on the massage device with your abdomen and spend a few pleasant minutes in this position. This type of massage is definitely not for beginners because the skin on the abdomen is very delicate, so it is not recommended to do such a massage for longer than 10-15 minutes. The procedure should not be performed on a full stomach and in the presence of severe or acute abdominal pain.

Lower back

There are points on the lower back that help improve the blood flow and circulation of vital energy, eliminate pain, and relieve spasms of the spine and back muscles. To massage the lower back effectively, it is convenient to use an acupressure mat with a folded towel placed under it or a needle pillow. Lay it on the floor, lie on top and bend your knees — this way, the position of your body will be optimal for massage.

Pranamat lower back massage
Pranamat feet and palms massage

Feet and palms

There are many biologically active points on the hands and feet associated with many human body organs. You can work on them all standing on a mat with bare feet or wearing thin socks as well as pressing on it with your hands. You can do this massage standing and sitting, at home and work.

Questions and answers about acupressure mats

Rounded plastic needles do not harm the skin and internal organs, but still, you should not use them if you have fresh wounds and burns, you have impaired blood clotting, you have been diagnosed with tumors or acute inflammation. Pregnant women should wait until after the birth of their child before using a needle mat.

If it so happens that the powerful relaxing effect of the massage device makes you fall asleep during the procedure, that’s quite normal. However, doctors do not recommend regularly sleeping all night on the spikes.

When choosing a massage device, please pay attention to whether it has any certificates, what materials are used for the mattress, needles and filler, how hard and safe the spikes are.

Pranamat ECO has developed massage devices of 100% linen and cotton with hypo-allergenic spikes made of HIPS plastic and filled with 100% coconut fibre. We protect your health and nature by using renewable energy and only natural materials for production. The harmless composition is certified by the OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Get all the advantages of Chinese medicine and modern technologies with Pranamat ECO!