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Acupressure Points For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a pretty common thing. It can be caused by many factors: trauma, long-term computer work, sedentary lifestyle, etc. The shoulder is also subject to various injuries due to the fact that we actively engage the shoulder joint in everyday activity. However, there is an easy way to get rid of the pain without seeking medical attention, and it’s acupressure. People can affect their health by pushing certain acupressure points for shoulder pain on their bodies. If you suffer from constant discomfort or pain in that area and want to know more about this traditional Chinese healing method, read this article to the end.

Acupressure Points For Shoulder Pain

How Do Acupressure Points Relieve Shoulder Pain?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique that includes the pressure of your fingers at certain points along the body. Acupressure can be used either separately or as an additional treatment. However, in many cases, acupressure is very practical - it allows you to quickly get rid of pain not only in the shoulders but also in other parts of the body. Acupressure for shoulder pain is a self-healing technique that improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and calms the mind.

Acupressure for shoulder pain

Point massage does not require a specialist to be involved, and you can efficiently perform it at home by yourself. In case of severe pains, injuries, and other complications, we recommend you immediately consult a doctor rather than engage in self-treatment.

Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body. It moves the shoulder forward and backwards. It also allows the hand to make circular movements and move up and away from the body. However, mobility has its price. This can lead to increased problems with instability or entrapment of soft tissue or bone structures in the shoulder, resulting in pain. Below we have reviewed the most common causes of pain.

Frozen Shoulder

Stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint define this illness. Symptoms and signs usually appear gradually, deteriorate with time, and ultimately disappear. By stimulating acupressure points for frozen shoulder pain you may reduce the symptoms.


The shoulder is dislocated when your upper arm bone pops out of the cup-shaped socket — part of your shoulder blade. Dislocation is sure to be felt by a sharp pain in the shoulder area. In addition, the hand will not be able to move normally, and swelling will begin to develop.


There is a tiny bag of liquid inside each shoulder called a bursa. These bags help reduce friction between bones in the joints. However, if the bursa becomes inflamed, it can lead to shoulder bursitis.


Arthritis is inflammation of the shoulder joint, usually the result of gradual deterioration of cartilage. Cartilage is present in every joint in the body. It covers the surface of the bones inside the joints. And when it wears out, inflammation can occur.

Acupressure for shoulder pain

Shoulder Impingement

The impingement of the shoulder occurs when the upper outer edge of the scapula, called the acromion, rubs against or compresses the rotator cuff under it and after that, causes pain and irritation.

TOP 5 Pressure Points For Shoulder Pain

Acupressure uses many of the same points as acupuncture. However, you do not need any special tools - pressing the points with your own fingers will be enough. There are several pressure points for shoulder pain, which stimulation allows you to get better. Below we have reviewed each of them in detail.

Fan Hou Jue

Fan Hou Jue

This point is located on the back of the hand, and it’s about the width of the thumb beneath the webbing. The best way to stimulate Fan Hou Jue is to compress the skin between the thumb and forefinger. Note that this place can often be sensitive, especially in patients with shoulder pain. You must also massage the point on the arm opposite the sore shoulder.

Gallbladder 21

Gallbladder 21

This acupressure point for shoulder pain can be found at the top of the trapezoidal muscle, between the middle and the end of the shoulder. Gallbladder 21 is the so-called local point. It increases blood flow to a certain area and helps to heal the trauma. It is important to know that stimulation of this point is contraindicated during pregnancy. The acupoint must be massaged for about 2-5 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, for a solid effect.

Small Intestine 3

Small Intestine 3

You can find this pressure point for shoulder pain if you clench your fist and follow the long fold of the palm to the end, Small Intestine 3 will be placed just below the pinkie finger. Note that its meridian passes directly through the shoulder, and according to Chinese medicine, we often treat one part of it to affect the other. This place needs to be massaged on the same side as the affected shoulder.

Lou Zhen

Lou Zhen

This point is located in a small depression that lies just behind the joints of the first two fingers. You may need to use your pinky to reach and massage it. Rotate your neck from side to side while applying pressure to your hand to release the muscles. You should feel a decrease in pain as your flexibility improves.

Ce San Li

Ce San Li

The last acupressure point for frozen shoulder pain is located about four fingers below the patella and three toes outside the tibia. Ce San Li affects the nervous and vascular tissue that is associated with the shoulder. Remember that you also need to massage the side that is opposite the sore shoulder.

How to Perform Acupressure For Shoulder Pain Relief

Now you know which acupoints need to be stimulated for pain relief. Also, note that you can safely massage yourself throughout the day as required. However, there are a few rules that you should follow if you want to achieve the maximum result from a point massage. Below we have reviewed the specific sequence of actions for effective stimulation of acupressure points for shoulder pain in hands.
  • Find A Comfortable Place

    You can perform acupressure anywhere: at home, at work, on the beach, and so on. But first, it is important to choose a comfortable place where you can relax. It can be a sofa, an armchair, or any other place where you will not be disturbed and interrupted.

  • Take A Comfortable Position

    Now that you have found a place, take the most comfortable position for yourself, best sitting or lying. A convenient position is crucial for a positive massage effect since your body needs to be absolutely relaxed without any discomfort. Take a minute to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind.

  • Press On An Acupoint

    Apply a little pressure on each point with your thumb or index finger. Try to massage them with small circular motions. They can be more sensitive than the surrounding areas. You can also use tennis balls, the tip of a pencil, or any other tool with a rounded tip. This will help you massage hard-to-reach places more effectively. Note that you do not always have to push on all the acupressure points for shoulder pain. Some may have a greater impact on shoulder pain than others. So experiment and press on these points for a while.

How Long Should I Do Acupressure For Shoulder Pain Relief?

Acupressure can last for 30-60 seconds. Then it is recommended to pause and note how your body responds. Try again and click on the points for a few more seconds. Be sure to continue to breathe deeply and listen to your body. The massage should be repeated up to 3-4 times a day for at least one week for effect to be noticeable. However, each body is individual, so you can make your own adjustments depending on how you feel.

Apply no pressure to an open wound, swollen or inflammatory areas, or areas that are red or warm to the

How To Prevent Shoulder Pain

At the moment, you may not experience any shoulder pain. However, this does not mean that you are immune to it. The best solution is to prevent these pains. You also don’t need any special tools: just a little of your time and effort. Below we outline a few ways that will help you to avert shoulder pain.


To reduce the burden on your shoulders and make their movement more comfortable and light, do stretching. You can even do it at home. Pay special attention to the pressure points for shoulder pain. Stretch your neck, arms, and shoulders, and pull them in different directions. Try to do it gently and slowly. Such exercises will help strengthen the shoulders, increase the range of their movements, and improve the flexibility of the tendon.

Strengthening Exercises

Although some believe that meridians are just a theory, acupressure has shown superior therapeutic effects in treating various medical conditions, including headaches. There isn't much science supporting reflexology in the treatment of these conditions. However, several experts believe the effect could be due to neurohormonal responses.

Strengthening Exercises
Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Nutrition plays no less important role than physical exercise, so try an anti-inflammatory diet. The basis of this diet is a large number of vegetables, legumes, fruits, berries, greens, and so on. Note that you can eat not only fresh vegetables and fruits but even frozen ones because they retain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Also, limit the consumption of dairy products and cereals, and try to avoid red meat in your diet.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Procedure

As with every alternative treatment, acupressure for shoulder pain has warnings and side effects. For example, you should never push on an open wound or damaged and inflamed skin. Likewise, avoid areas with scar tissue, boils, rashes, and other defects. Stimulation of such places is prohibited and may lead to unintended consequences. And if you experience severe pain during an acupressure massage, try not to push so hard or give up on acupressure altogether. In case of deterioration of the condition or injuries, the best solution is to consult a doctor immediately.

If you do not suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above, the only side effects will be bruising and slight dizziness from the hard pressure. However, even though such side effects are not severe, learn how to perform acupressure safely. It will not only help you to reduce pain in the shoulders but also improve your overall health.

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Pranamat massage set

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, acupressure massage can relieve pain in the shoulder and prevent its appearance. The main thing is to know which points to push and how to do it.

Each acupressure point for shoulder pain needs to be massaged for 30-60 seconds at a time. Usually, it is enough to repeat this procedure 3-4 times to make the pain go away.

Among the most effective points that help with shoulder pain relief are Fan Hou Jue, Gallbladder 21, Small Intestine 3, Lou Zhen, Ce San Li. You can find more information about each point and its location on the human body above in this post.