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Natural & Lavender Full Set

Mat + Pillow + Mini

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Color: Natural & Lavender

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OEKO-TEX® is the gold standard in quality textile product certification

Pranamat ECO is proudly the only Massage Set globally to be fully-certified by OEKO-TEX. Just another reason to trust the industry leader in home massage.

What is Pranamat ECO made from?

HIPS Kunststoff

HIPS plastic

100% HIPS plastic, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and more ecological than the alternatives, recognised and approved by the EU.



100% linen, colored with natural hypoallergenic dyes.



100% natural cotton.


Coconut Fibre

Natural coconut fibre, supportive and safe.

How Does Pranamat® Work?

10,000+ Pointed Spines

Increased blood and lymph flow from the very first minute of use.

Improvement of Microcirculation

Your skin and muscles receive more oxygen, so that every single cell in your body benefits.

Holistic Healing

Improved metabolism and oxygenation fights inflammation and stimulates the body's natural healing processes.

20 minutes each day is enough to get all the proven benefits

When you try Pranamat ECO Massage for the first time, the sensation is truly unforgettable – it’s pretty intense! But after a few moments, a pleasant warmth spreads through your body, tension and pain disappear and you feel a blissful euphoria.

Full Body Massage

Just lie down and let the lotus flowers press against your skin. This triggers a natural process of relief in the body and mind.

Full body massage
Wie funktioniert Pranamat ECO?

After 30 days of regular usage, our customers agree


Reduced back tension


Improved sleep


Boost of energy


Became less stress exposed


Fully got rid of back pain


Decreased level of tiredness


Rarely have headaches


Average rate
Daina Merizalde Nov 15, 2021

I have had a bad back for over 10 years. Even if I can convince my husband to rub my back, I need a deeper massage. This mat gets in nice and deep. I am obsessed!

Chanchi Nov 01, 2021

Pranamat has been a little piece of heaven for me… grateful for all the time it heals me with calmness and good sleep.

Andrea Woods Oct 29, 2021

I bought this for my husband and he loves it! We both use it and I was surprised at how helpful it is at relieving pain and tension in my back and shoulders. I was originally hesitant because I thought it would hurt- it doesn’t!

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Laís Nascimento Câmera Oct 28, 2021

Pranamat changed my self care. It gave me more energy to commit to my health, to eat better and exercise, to love my body. This was the deep change, but it also make my skin so much better and shiny, helps with cramps and all sorts of pain. I am so grateful!

Barbara Guzmqn Oct 28, 2021

OMG! No more pain, less migraines and no more visits to the chiropractor. I use this every other day and it has drastically improved my pain, in fact it has vanished it. I used to suffer from back pain mainly from sitting for 7 hrs at the office and bad posture and therefore I went to the chiropractor 3x a month. I haven't been back since I've purchased an acupressure mat. Life saver and money saver too!

Leigh Anne Regnery Oct 26, 2021

My daughter talked me into ordering the set because I have had chronic leg pain for a year. I have been having limited mobility. I started using the mat last Sunday and every day since. I felt IMMEDIATE relief!!!! I am beyond happy. My life has changed in a matter of days. Using the mat a couple of times a day is a game changer for me. Words can't do justice to how I feel. Thank you for creating this product! And thanks to my daughter for begging me to try it based on past reviews!!

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Murlikumar Oct 26, 2021

My spouse having lower back pain and with Pranamat she is feeling much better now!!!!

Stacy Palmieri Oct 25, 2021

I purchased the mat, mini mat and pillow and I was excited but nervous to try because it looked painful. But after using it and getting used to how it feels it really is wonderful!! My main reason for the purchase was for headaches that I suffer from daily and while it hasn’t relieved them totally I do feel it helps a bit with the headaches. I would recommend this product!!

Ashley Riveral Oct 25, 2021

At first, it was hard to lay on the mat. But as you use it all the time, you look forward to laying down and giving yourself the 20 minutes or more of a full body relaxation. Get the complete set with the bag! So worth it!

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Paulette Shephard Oct 25, 2021

I purchased the mat, pillow and heart pillow several months ago. Then I purchased the case and mini-mat a few weeks ago. I LOVE this product! I use it daily! I have now graduated myself to the skin to lotus experience...I find that I grab the min-mat and heart pillow more often during my day (I am retired RN living alone with my cat)...I love the heart pillow under my feet when ever I am sitting, and I love the mini-mat because of its size and availability to use on my shoulders, upper back, feet etc. I love the feeling of intense stimulation when I start my 35-40 min early morning session with the pillow at my head, mini-mat and large mat lying in sequence after the pillow, and the heart pillow at my feet. I lie on my bed naked on top of this configuration of pranamat ECO items for about 35-40 min...experiencing the change of feeling from intense stimulation to a surrender of relaxation and rest. I am invigorated and re-energized when I get done with this 'massage'. I love having the case to keep all the items together to take with me when I take a trip. I want to be able to gift a set to my oldest son who lives with autism and anxiety is his life-companion. I feel that this product could make a positive change in the level of his anxiety if he used it regularly. He is in his late 30's. Perhaps in the future I will even have the funds to gift a set to my other son who also has a very active life as a professional musician/artist and would welcome the daily practice of a pranamat ECO massage. (PS I am also a retired licensed massage therapist).

Nadja Ivaskova Oct 25, 2021

I ordered pranamat almost 2 years ago and it is the best helper and healer for my backpain. Last year I ordered one for my mother a now we ordered one for other family members. Pranamat brought me better sleep, and during day I do not have any more bakcpain. I recommend pranamat to everyone.

Victoria Oct 25, 2021

Intensive effect on the skin helps to eliminate the orange peel in problem areas. Just 5 minutes on the Miracle rug in the morning will help you wake up no worse than a cup of strong coffee, and 15 minutes in the evening will allow you to qualitatively relax after a long day and improve your sleep. Acupressure massage relieves muscle tension and promotes the production of hormones, endorphins. This improves mood and reduces stress levels. Blood circulation and lymph flow are enhanced, cells are saturated with oxygen and nutrients

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Ginger Hill Oct 25, 2021

This mat is absolutely AMAZING!!! I should have ordered it a long time ago. I was hit by a semi truck and I have had pain on the side of my leg. When I use the Pranamat it alleviates the pain. It has also helped with my migraines and sleep. EVERYONE should on a Pranamat!!!

Samantha Bailey Oct 24, 2021

I got my mat and pillow set as a way to reduce stress and help heal my digestive system. After less than a week I was addicted and now if I go more than a couple days without using it I pay for it! I love it so much I bought the mini mat and travel bag as well. I even take the pillow camping!

Jennie Riccio Oct 24, 2021

Invigorating! Highly beneficial (Multi benefits!)! You’re worth it!

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Amy Oct 21, 2021

I loved by Pranamat eco set so much, that I have recommended to family and friends. I feel relaxed and noticed less tension in my neck and shoulders.

Lois Halgerson Oct 20, 2021

I love how relaxed I feel after using my mat

Krysti Oct 20, 2021
Pranamat ECO

Love my mats. With a thin pair of socks, I love to stand on mine daily. It quickly eases my foot tension and pain. Sure, -at first- it may be uncomfortable to lay on but after just a minute my body begins to melt. I'm a big fan of earbuds and music or a good audio book while under a cozy blanket to pass the time. Its been a great place to meditate as well and I love love love the pillow for my head/scalp or under my thighs when I sit. The cat is also a fan lol

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Jessica Dembinski Oct 20, 2021

I am head over heels in love with my prana pillow! Takes away tension headaches in less than 20 minutes!

Kate Oct 20, 2021

I don’t know what i would do without our pranamat! Our daily routine of everyone gets a few min to rest and recharge while laying on our mat-such a precious and priceless addition to our home! Also- the tiny turtle and pillow are fantastic for traveling ;)

Have questions? We have the answers.

Do I have to use Pranamat ECO every day?
Plus Minus

The main thing is to do it regularly. For maximum effect, use the massage set daily for the first month, and then as and when it’s convenient.

We do not recommend using the mat during pregnancy or in the case of serious illness (epilepsy, psoriasis, hemophilia, thrombophlebitis, oncology).

Rarely, but it all depends on the person. Some feel a pleasant tingling sensation, others a slight discomfort during the first two minutes. Try wearing a t-shirt at first, and gradually build up to bare skin and a session of 20 minutes.

No, it’s handwash only. For more details on storage, use and care, see the instructions included with your massage set.

You will feel an improvement from the first few minutes. Tangible results will be noticeable within 30 days of daily use.

Pranamat ECO is sharp and therefore poses a risk of injury. This is why we recommend that’s it’s stored out of the reach of children.